Girls night out

I think it was a Friday.  I was on my way home from work, talking to B on the phone, and we got into a bit of an argument.  I got upset, and told him not to wait up for me, because I was going out!

So I called my friend A and asked her what she was up to that night, and would she want to grab a bite with me.  Luckily, she wasn’t busy, so I met her at her apartment and we walked over to Bdubs.  We ate and chatted; it had been awhile since I had seen her, so we had a lot to catch up on.  As we were getting ready to go, I noticed an older guy at the next table staring at A.  Then, I saw him actually bend down, and with absolutely no shame, look at her under our table!!!!!  This was too much!  I said “Um, excuse me? Yeah, hello” as rudely as I could.  We made eye contact and then he looked away, but I could not believe the blatant pervertedness of this guy doing that!  Thankfully she was wearing leggings under her skirt.  But what a creeper!

After that, we walked over to Grand Trunk.  She had a friend in town that I had met once before, and we were supposed to meet up with him there.  Grand Trunk is a narrow place, and always busy, so we walked in and tried to find him and/or find a seat.   We wandered around a bit, then decided to try the upstairs room at the back of the bar.  I had never been up there before so it was cool to check it out.  We ended up running into two of her other friends, who had a few open seats next to their table.  We sat down and made introductions all around.  One guy Patrick is A’s neighbor, and the other guy was Patrick’s coworker.  We began chatting; I think they said that they did some type of solar power work.  At one point, Patrick’s friend said “Stop pretending like you don’t have the prettiest eyes of anyone here” and I can’t really remember the context of it but it was a nice compliment; provided he actually meant it as a compliment.  It was kind of random so I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not, but I do consider my eyes to be one of my best features so I took it in a nice way ha ha.  He definitely wasn’t giving off any kind of flirtatious vibe so who knows.

I wanted a cider to drink, but I think they said they didn’t have any.  Or maybe it was a Crabbie’s Ginger Beer that I asked for….I keep trying to find Crabbie’s around town and they don’t have it many places.  Anyway, I ended up with a MotorCity GhettoBlaster.  I felt silly saying the name of course, but I knew of the beer and figured why not try it.

Then A’s other friend Kevin finally showed up with one of his buddies.  Kevin is a real character!  He was on a mission to party pretty hard, which is always entertaining.  He recently left his job to take care of his mother, who has health problems.  We had a serious conversation about that, and his life, and his self-esteem, although I don’t think he really knew we were talking about his self-esteem but we were, because he said he felt like people didn’t understand him, and that he felt like he was trying to be someone he wasn’t at his old job, that kind of stuff.  He talked most of us into doing a shot, and he said for me to pick it, so I chose tequila.  I know tequila is kind of serious, but honestly it is the only shot that goes down smooth for me.  I guess he was thinking of a mixed shot, like a Washington Apple or something, but he didn’t specify so we got tequila.  I really try to avoid shots these days, because they always seem like a fun idea and they always end up being a terrible idea, but I figured if I kept it at one shot for the night, I’d be ok.

Around 1am we decided we felt like dancing a little bit, so we said goodbye to Patrick and his group.  A, Kevin, his buddy and I started walking across town to another bar.  On the way, I dropped off my leftovers to a homeless guy that we passed.  We ended up at Firebird, which I had never been to before.  We went upstairs.  It was a cool brick bar with a small dance floor.  It was dark, surprisingly not crowded.  As soon as we got there, Kevin and his buddy started dancing like crazy.  A and I went to the bar for a drink, and I saw 2 guys seeming to have a friendly disagreement about where one of them should put their coat.  It was really funny to me, so I asked them what they were doing, and the four of us struck up a conversation.  One guy was named Anthony, and the other Manoj.  Manoj said he was a pharmacist.  We had a good conversation; he said that as a pharmacist, he thinks that he could do homeless people a lot more good than by just giving them money, he would give them medicine for their health problems.  He was a really nice guy.  After chatting for awhile, he asked for my number.  I told him we could be friends, but had to let him know that I was married, to which he excitedly said “Ohhhhh, that’s great!  I just got engaged to my fiance like a week ago!!!”  We laughed it off, and I was glad that there was no awkwardness.

At one point, I went to the bar and ordered another drink.  The bartender was this really stoned-seeming hippie guy, and he told me disinterestedly that the minimum amount to put on a card was something ridiculous, like $15 or $20.  So I said ok fine, I’ll just take 2 drinks and this girl over here can have the other one, and I pointed to a girl who was sitting at the bar next to where I was standing.  I didn’t really care about the money, I just wanted to be able to buy a drink and I only had my card.  The bartender said he thought it was really nice of me to do that, and he didn’t charge me for the Red Bull—-score!

Finally, it was closing time, so we bundled up and started walking.  Anthony and Manoj asked if they could walk us back to A’s house.  I don’t think either of us really wanted them to, but they seemed like nice guys and I guess we both felt like they were pretty harmless, so we said sure, you can walk with us.  Once we got in front of A’s apartment, a guy walked up to us and started telling us a story about how he had just been in the hospital, and his car got towed, and he was just trying to get to the bus station, did we know where the bus station is, did we know how to get to the Grayhound station, how he was an Army veteran, etc etc.  Manoj was pretty drunk at this point, so he offered him $5 and a hug.   Finally the guy went on his way.  Manoj asked if he could use A’s bathroom, so we went upstairs.

I’m pretty sure Manoj had to go number 2, because he was in the bathroom for a long time.  While he was in there, I asked Anthony if Manoj had recently gotten engaged; he laughed and said no!  So apparently he had just said that to save face earlier, but he said it so naturally, I couldn’t tell the difference.  Pretty empressive to have that line on backup in case you get rejected when you ask for a number lol.  Finally, Manoj came out and after a few minutes of awkward “see you laters”, they left.

A put on “Pitch Perfect”, saying it was a really good movie and that I should at least watch a little of it.  I agreed, but since I had had so much Red Bull at the bar, I was wide awake and watched the whole thing.  Somewhere around 4-5 am, I got my stuff and walked back home in the cold, deserted morning.

Until next time,



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