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Tigers Game

I meant to write about this sooner but I guess I sort of forgot.  I had decided, probably as early as last year, that if the Tigers went to the World Series in 2013, we were going to get tickets to a game.  No matter the cost!  It’s something that’s on my bucket list and felt like it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  You just never really know with sports teams!

The Tigers were in the AL Championship Series against the Boston Red Sox.  They weren’t quite in the World Series yet but it looked like they might be on their way, so we decided to get tickets to a game in this series as well.  It was Thursday, Oct 17, game 5.  I was glad because it wasn’t an elimination game; it would have been so disappointing to go to the game and have the season end that night!

Fortunately I was still working 9-6 at my job, so I was able to get home and change to be ready for the game.  B normally wouldn’t get out of work in time but he was able to get off a bit early.  We thought we might have time to grab a bite to eat before, but we ended up having to go directly there.  There was a line to get in, and it was COLD.  And WINDY!  But we were dressed as warmly as we thought we needed.  I had long johns under my jeans, and my ugly pink moon boots that are soooo cozy.  And my non-leather coat that I found out after purchasing was filled with down feather, so not actually vegan 😦  B had his coat and hat, but ended up being pretty cold so I let him wear my gloves…they barely fit but I insisted.  I also ended up having to put this plastic poncho over my legs because the wind went right through my two layers of pants.

We got nachos and a couple of beers right when we got there.  We went up to our seats, which were at the very top row against a fence—extra windy!  We had to move seats a couple times; lately it seems every time I go to a sports game, there are people in the wrong seats.  It doesn’t really bother me because, if the seats aren’t taken, no sense in them going to waste.  But it’s just always a big to-do to make them move and everyone’s gathering up their belongings and checking their tickets and squeezing past each other in the small aisles.

It was a slow start for the Tigers, but then they rallied and it looked like they might have a chance.  But there were a couple errors, and we ended up losing the game.  Pretty disappointing, but as I mentioned earlier, we weren’t out of the series yet, so all hope wasn’t lost.  This was the first time we had gone to a game downtown, and we got to experience how awesome it is being able to walk home in about 7 minutes.  AMAZING.  No worrying about parking or driving or being tired.

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