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More moving stuff

Our friend Chris agreed to help us with the move-in on Oct 8th, and we really couldn’t have done it without him.  He said he actually likes helping people move, which I absolutely cannot understand but completely appreciate nonetheless!  As we were moving in our stuff from the car through the big bay door and into the freight elevator, you could hear the cheers of the crowd at Comerica Park down the street.  The Tigers were playing the Oakland Athletics, trying to win the AL Division series; B and I had already decided we would be buying tickets to a World Series game if they made it that far. It added a real feeling of excitement to the air, and gave me another reason to be happy about moving to Detroit.

After we unloaded the car, we took Chris to Park Bar/Bucharest Grill for dinner and some beers.  We got there just in time, because as soon as the game was over, the bar was flooded with people and all of the tables were quickly filled up.  B went to order us food; the MOST delicious chicken schwarmas, with pickles and garlic sauce….mmmmmmm so good!   I went to the bar and ordered us some ciders/beers.   After that we ate and talked and felt good about life.

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Moving is no fun!

So we moved to Detroit a couple weeks ago!  We’re used to the suburbs and were actually looking to buy a house in a more country-ish area, but B is working long hours downtown and living here saves him 2 hours of commute each day.  It was worth it to get him that time back, and my commute to work is actually shorter now too!

Everyone agrees that moving is one of the most stressful things to go through.   We procrastinated getting our stuff packed up, and at the end we were just throwing stuff loose into my car to get it out of the old place.  It was pretty disorganized.  We also decided to use a moving company this time (lesson learned from previous moves), but in an effort to be frugal decided to have them just move the furniture and none of the boxes.  Well, lesson learned again; next time I will gladly pay large sums of money to have someone move every last thing for me.

We’re way up high in the sky, in a big tower apartment right downtown.  The view is pretty amazing!  The apartment itself is pretty standard as apartments go; we decided not to opt for a loft apartment because we like having separate rooms instead of larger shared rooms.  The rest of the building really entices you in with the amenities; fitness center, pool, big community spaces.  It feels fancy, like a hotel!

A few things I want to remember:

1.  They gave us the wrong keys on our move in day

2.  We had to buy a card and load it up with money to wash laundry.

3.  There is no 13th floor.

4.  The “Refuse Room” is a smell dirty room where the garbage chute is.

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